The Hospital of Seven Teeth

From AP News, August 12, 1980:

A male mental patient was charged Tuesday with murdering a female mental patient whose dismembered body was found buried on the grounds of a state facility, the Massachusetts attorney general's office said.

Investigators on Tuesday discovered the body of Ann Marie Davey, who was 36 when she disappeared from ____ State Hospital in 1978, buried in "three or four holes," at the mental institution, said Kenneth Wayne, an attorney general's spokesman.

The cause of death was not immediately determined, but the attorney general's office classified the death as a homicide, Wayne said.

State police arrested Melvin Willson, a former ____ Hospital patient now confined to Bridgewater State Hospital, charged him with murder and brought him to the District Court. Willson, a mental patient for nearly 40 years, is in his late 50s, said Wayne. Miss Davey had been in institutions in Massachusetts and Maine for 18 years.

The woman's disappearance was publicized last spring during a state Senate probe of "unexplained" deaths at state institutions. Sen. Jack H. Backman complained at the time that, although another patient had been found in possession of seven of Miss Davey's teeth, state officials had not explored that lead.

Backman said at least 26 other patients have died at state and private institutions in Massachusetts in the past three years under circumstances he considers questionable. They include suicides, drownings in bathtubs, chokings on food and heart attacks.


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